Apex Predator​(​prod​.​Mykal Riley)

by Kid Futurisitic

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Verse1: I'm killing niggas with the simplest combination of words using nouns,verbs, adjectives, and hyperbolas but it's no similes when spit soliloquies cuz to be quite Frank it ain't no one that's like me and it's no one that can stop me cause everyone's a chattel to the lies that they seeing when they flipping channels so its no soldiers left on the field that can fight the battle but its all good cuz I'm tired of ripping rappers left and right to no avail so now I gotta give it my all and I gotta give em hell no bail for a killer of the non-members of the fucking apex club where we ain't no scrubs but we scrubbing the floors wit you watered down whores who steady claiming they working but ain't opened no doors you need to open ya eyes and start to fucking realize that you are nothing more than a rabbit in the jungle.....

Hook: .... Cause If its survival of the fittest I'm the apex predator terror in yo area causing mass hysteria

Verse2: Ole half ass niggas trying to get by stealing dreams of those who should be rocking south by but its good cuz I heard you repping ya Hood but it ain't doing much for you if you up to no good you starting to get you some bread and taking care of ya guys but why yo family still would wondering when is we goin get ours my homie you got it all fucked got that shit backwards you need to rethink ya game and take a few steps backwards yea you only live once but I ain't saying yolo and life is a bitch so take her head on give her that ocho homie I'm local and you world wide but my fans love me and all yo fans dying now what's that saying that you deliver death and me I deliver correct so when we meet I hope that you can fend for ya self and won't need to call out for help

Hook: .... Cause If its survival of the fittest I'm the apex predator terror in yo area causing mass hysteria


released July 26, 2013
produced by Mykal Riley



all rights reserved


Kid Futurisitic Chicago, Illinois

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